T & C’s

Colliford Lake Park Campsite


For the security and safety of our campers:

We require all campers, and their visitors, to register at the office before they are allowed access to the campsite

  • Registration can be made at the office during normal office hours (10am to 8pm)
  • Outside of normal office hours registration may be possible if a member of staff is available. Please use the out of hours telephone number to request out of hours registration

Visitors are not permitted on the camp site before 10am or after 10pm

  • Visitors who want to remain on the site outside of these hours will need to pay the overnight fee for camping.
  • Visitors remain the responsibility of the registered Camper. The inappropriate actions of a visitor will reflect on the camper. Inappropriate behaviour of a visitor may result in a camper’s booking being cancelled with no refund

Only registered vehicles belonging to, or hired by, campers are allowed on the campsite (the area outlined in Red).

  • There is a limit of ONE vehicle per pitch. Large vehicles, commercial vehicles, vans, pickups etc. will be required to use the overflow car park adjacent to the office and will not be permitted on the camp site.
  • Visitors are not permitted to bring their vehicle onto the campsite at any time, they must use the overflow car park provided adjacent to the office.

Vehicles must only be driven on site (including in the overflow car park) by those licensed and insured to do so. No vehicle may travel at more than 5MPH and pedestrians should be given right of way at all times. When entering the site by vehicle please give right of way to vehicles leaving the site by stopping in the appropriate passing area.

There are to be no vehicle movements between 10.30 pm and 7am on the campsite or the road connecting to the campsite to the overflow carpark (The area outlined in Green). People wishing to leave the site early, or those who return late should park in the overflow car park.  

Barbecues are permitted but must be raised off the ground and attended by an adult at all times. Open fires are prohibited. Firearms are not permitted.

When pitching tents a clear space of 6 metres (excluding guy ropes) must be maintained between adjacent tents in all directions. This is to prevent the potential spread of fire and to maintain privacy between pitches.

Campers are asked to report any activity that appears suspicious or that does not comply with these rules, including instances of the general public (people who have not registered with the office) entering the campsite. Such reports will be kept confidential and acted upon by the campsite staff directly.

Direct Lake Access is provided by two gates on the edge of the campsite shown on the attached plan

  • Please note the lake is the property of South West Water and provides the majority of drinking water for Cornwall
  • South West Water do not allow any water craft on the lake, they also do not allow swimming or paddling in the lake
  • South West Water have stocked the lake with Brown Trout and encourage fly-fishing. It is necessary to purchase a licence to fish (Adult £15:50, Concessions £13:50, Child [2 fish] £5:00) which allows you to take up to 4 fish over 7″ in a day

Important Note: The extended site, outside of the campsite (outlined in Green), houses a former children’s soft play area which is no longer in use. The area is a building site and as such could be hazardous. The area (highlighted in Red) is fenced and the buildings have been secured. It is critical that no children or adults attempt to enter this area. Anyone found doing so will have their booking cancelled and will be instructed to immediately leave the campsite with no refund. The management cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred howsoever caused in any of this area.

For the enjoyment of all campers

Campers are asked to inform a member of staff in person, or via the out of hours telephone, details of any failures or breakages of the campsites provided facilities and to advise if any areas require cleaning or restocking with supplies. (We do ask that minor issues be reported between the hours of 8am and 10pm so that we can get a little sleep)

Quiet hours must be respected between 10:30 pm and 8 am

Radio, music and TV players must be kept at a low volume and not interfere with other campers

Car doors and boots must be closed quietly.

Hen / Stag Parties are not Permitted.

Arrival and departures

To enable pitches to be cleared and necessary maintenance to be carried out new arrivals will be allowed on to the camp site from 2:30pm onwards. Campers who will not arrive before 8pm should call the Out of Hours phone. Campers arriving after 8pm may be refused entrance if no prior agreement has been made.

  • Campers who arrive prior to 2:30pm, once registered, will be allowed to access the common areas, toilets, showers, common room. If practicable we will endeavour to allocate a pitch before 2:30pm but this is not to be relied on
  • If you need to make special arrival arrangements please email in advance or call the ‘Out of Hours’ phone after 10am on the day of arrival
  • No access will be provided after 10pm. Your booking will be held for 24 hours. After this period the management reserves the right to re-let your pitch.
  • Bookings are nominative and non-transferable.

Campers are required to vacate the pitches by 11:30am of the day of departure.

  • Campers may remain on site and use the common areas, toilets, showers, common room up until 10pm on the day of departure. Once the camping pitch is vacated any vehicle should be parked in the overflow car park.

Your pitch will be allocated on your day of arrival

  • This is so that we can provide you with the best location based on prevailing conditions and your specific requirements
  • You must follow the management directives when pitching your tent and related equipment.

Small Print Terms & Conditions 

Please read the Campsites terms and conditions along with the  Pitchup.com terms and conditions.

The management reserves the right to deny access or terminate the stay of those guests who do not follow these guidelines or whose behaviour is deemed unsuitable. No refunds will be offered.

No refunds/discounts for inclement weather, late arrivals or early departures.

If you need to cancel or amend your booking, please give as much notice as possible so that someone else has the chance to book. You may wish to buy holiday insurance for cancellations and for your property/injury whilst away.

Please note that your deposit is paid to Pitchup.com and is non-refundable.


A 15% non-refundable deposit is payable now. The balance will be debited from your card 2 weeks before arrival, or if the arrival date is sooner than 2 weeks then the balance will be taken immediately. No refunds within 2 weeks of arrival date.

You can also opt to pay the full amount at the time of your booking.

Payment methods accepted on the Park

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • We do not accept Credit of Debit Cards on site. Credit and Debit Cards are accepted for bookings through the PitchUp website. www.pitchup.com


Under 18s must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

No Pets Allowed (except for Assistance, Guide and Hearing Dogs).

In the event of a complaint, please contact a member of staff immediately, either at the office or by using the Out of Hours phone. Complaints which are not brought to the management’s attention during your stay may not be dealt with once you have left the Park.

Fishing please bring your own rods and equipment. NB: The Lake itself is owed by South West Lakes Trust, it provides some of the best trout fishing in Cornwall, and a permit is required.


Campsite – The area shown outlined in GREEN on the attached site plan

Overflow Car Park – The area shown outlined in BLUE on the attached site plan

Office – building highlighted on the attached site plan

Common areas – The buildings on the camp site, highlighted in yellow including the common room, the shower block and the toilet block

Lake Frontage – the area shown hatched on the attached site plan. NB This land is owned and operated by South West Water and is outside the responsibility of Colliford Lake Park. This space is open to the public

Visitor – a guest of a camper who has registered with the office as such. Campers who register visitors will be liable for their visitors actions and failure of a visitor to abide by Campsites Terms and Conditions may result in a campers booking being cancelled and no refund will be given

Camper – a person who has paid the appropriate fee to use the campsite and who is registered with the office

Former children’s play area – shown highlighted in RED on the site plane